NFT Mining

You will be able to mine NFTs just by playing games. All your rewards will be secured. You will also get surprise rewards for trusting us.

Cross-Chain Smart Contracts

Game With Space (MOSPACE) will be added to Binance Smart Chain, Polygon (MATIC) and Phantom Opera network. The Master Agreement will be regularly audited.

Rewards Bonuses and Fees Discounts

Holding MoSpace Tokens will give you rewards percentage bonuses on the. Up to 100% bonus on different available ways to earn cryptocurrencies: Staking, Games, Surveys…

Staking Reward

Enjoy up to 30% APR on on-chain, off-chain and LP staking with MOSPACE. We will share more information about MOSPACE Staking soon…


A gaming experience designed with impeccable graphics

Unique sections waiting to be explored


Unique sections waiting to be explored

About Game With Space

Game With Space (MOSPACE) is a crypto earning token that allows users to earn NFT Tokens by completing simple tasks, staking coins or playing games, and convert these NFTs into MOSPACE Tokens.


Game With Space (MOSPACE) is an innovative Cross-Chain Token that maximizes profits with DeFi Yield Generation and Crypto Earning Systems.


Q2 2023 - Project Inception and Team Formation

Project Kickoff: The Game With Space project was launched and the concept of an NFT-powered space game was created.

Team Assembly: A talented team of developers, designers, blockchain experts and gaming enthusiasts have been brought together to lay the foundation for the project

Initial Investment: Securing initial funding and investments for the development and execution of Game With Space

Q1 2024 - Tokenomics Finalization And Community Building

Tokenomics Refinement: Futher refine the token economy based on feedback from advisors, blockchain experts a the community.

Community Engagement: Begin building an active and angaged community around Game With Space through social media, forums and announcements

Q3 2024 - Beta Testing, Game Launch, And NFT Marketplace

Beta Testing: Invite a select group of players to participate in beta testing, gathering valuable feedback and insights for improvements.

Game Launch: Game With Space officially launches, allowing players to enter an immersive NFT-powered space universe

NFT Marketplace Launch: Introduce the NFT marketplace, enabling players to trade, buy and sell their unique NFT characters.

Q3 2023 - Concept Development And Preparations

Game Concept Refinement: Better define game mechanics, NFT integration and fluid space experience

Technical Preparations: Lay the groundwork for technical development and blockchain integration

Q4 2023 - Whitepaper, Tokenomics, And Technical Development Kickoff

Whitepaper Creation: Develop a detailed whitepaper outlining the core features, mechanics and vision of Game With Space

Tocenomics Design: Design the token economy that will drive in-game transactions, rewards and engagement

Smart Contract Development: Initate the creation of smart contracts that will power the NFT interactions and token functionalities.

Q2 2024 - Technical Development And Beta Testing Preparation

Technical Development: Drive the technical development of Game With Space, including game mechanics, virtual environments and NFT integration.

Beta Testing Preparation: Prepare the game for beta testing, ensuring a smooth experience for testers.

Q4 2024 - Post-Launch Enhancements And Ecosystem Growth

Post-Launch Optimization: Continuously refine the game based on user feedback, ensuring an exceptional gaming experience

Ecosystem Expansion: Explore partnerships and collaborations to expand the Game With Space ecosystem, integrating with other GameFi projects and platforms.


TOTAL SUPPLY 310.000.000.000 (1)

Advanced NFT Exchange Platform





Game With Space is a trusted platform, see our White Paper

It is a decentralized exchange platform that allows you to participate in peer-to-peer trading.
Join us now and make the most of the future nft exchange economy.

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